Featured Web Designs

Website Creation. I have been with LeoGreta since the beginning. Developing their logo and color scheme. The first website we developed was a simple get the information and word out about the restaurant. Two years later, they were expanding the restaurant so we said, lets revamp the website! We wanted to keep the simplicity but make it a bit more upscale.

Website Revamp & How To. Melinda (owner of Made for the Occasion) contacted me about revamping her website for her small floral business. She wanted to take orders online and make it “look professional”. We were able to sit down together and from her ideas and notes, I was able to develop a beautiful website that keeps her very busy with online orders. I also created a “How To” so she would be able to go in and make edits as needed.

Website Revamp. This was a great company to work with because they have 4 principals who I needed to make happy. Listening to what each person wanted and the direction to go in, I provided a new site that is both appealing for the engineering mind, but also the typical client they would get. I loved playing with the different layouts and profiles for different structures.

Website Creation. I also worked with EMB from the beginning. I helped develop a logo and website. Working closely together, listening to what Emily wanted, I was able to create a beautiful website that helps her clients know what they can get and what is going on with EMB. I also keep her Google Business up to date and help with promo ideas and blog updates.

Favorite Logo Designs

LeoGreta is a restaurant in Carnegie, PA who got their namesake from Chef/Owner Greg Alauzen’s parents. I found two profile photos of Leon and Greta from from their wedding day and was able to create a unique logo for the restaurant. 

This logo was created from a store front window in NYC. The owner of 23rd and Vine wanted something similar to that window for their store. In order to make people know it was a wine store, I created the wine bottle for the I.

Since Emily Myers Beauty is about makeup and lashes we first created the logo on the left. Now EMB has expanded and grown, Emily and I wanted to revamp with a more sophisticated, classy look, right.