Meet Brittany Florijan

I have always enjoyed creating things.  Whether I was designing my photobooks in high school, to creating marketing materials as a summer job while in college, I LOVE to play on the computer and create the perfect layouts and spreads. After teaching for 10 years and having 3 kids in 4 years (yikes!), I decided to end my career in the classroom, take care of my children, and start my own website design business.

Flojo Creations was developed to help businesses with their internet presence. Creating or revamping websites, guiding or taking over social media, showing you the tips and tricks of the technological world, I will work with you closely to help with your needs. Because of my teaching background, I have the patience to work with even the least technologically advanced client. I have the ability to explain and present the “how tos” so you learn them (if needed), and I have thick skin; if you didn’t like something or wanted it changed, that is fine by me.  If I can deal with 16 & 17 year old boys and girls from my teaching days, any future client is a breeze!

Working in collaboration with Winged gods Creation, I have learned many new skills and was certified through Google Digital Garage. If I can’t help you, WgC will be able to!

Brittany Florijan
Designer & Owner
Websites, Logos, Business Cards,
Posters, & more
Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Business, Review Sites, & More